Brief assembly overview

There is more than one way to set up your INSCO System. Contractors may find alternative methods more advantageous depending site characteristics.

Deliver compact crate to assembly site. All primary components are included in the crate.

The vast majority of the assembly process uses a patented wedge pin fastening system for joining wall panels, support legs, and bracing.

Lay wall panels on the ground, end to end, until desired length is reached.


Attach legs at the panel seams first, then attach the rest of the legs in between the legs at the panel seams.

Once all the legs on your wall section have been attached, follow by installing the primary reinforcement angles along the length of the wall. Use the wedge pins to attach.

After the wall section has been assembled, pin the main corner joints at each end of the wall section.


Using the wedge pins, join the completed wall sections at the corners to create a fully enclosed containment.

Install containment liner according to the manufacturers specifications. This INSCO System is compatible with traditional membranes, spray applied liners, and seam seal methods.

Attach top rail cap to finish the containment (Photo shown without liner in place).