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  • Is the INSCO System a zero ground disturbance secondary containment unit?

    Yes. The system is modular and free standing. Ground gripping teeth on the support legs provide superior holding strength, and keep the wall sections at bay in the event of a tank failure. Cross cabling accessories are available from the manufacturer as well.
  • Can cross cabling be installed for added strength?

    Yes. The INSCO System is manufactured to accommodate cross cabling if the customer wishes to install it. Cross cabling accessories made specifically for the INSCO System are available from the manufacturer.
  • Is the INSCO System available in custom sizes, with expansion capability?

    Yes. Custom corner angles as well. All systems have a 36” wall height.
  • Does the INSCO System require stakes?

    No. The INSCO System is design to be a zero ground disturbance containment unit. However, each support leg has a hole in the foot to accommodate a stake, which can be used if local regulations allow for it. Refer to local regulations prior to using stakes.
  • Does the INSCO System need to be fully disassembled in order to move from site to site?

    No. With minimal disassembly and the use of a picker, the INSCO system can moved from site to site on a flatbed trailer, keeping assembled sections intact.
  • What is the rated lifting capacity of the hoisting kit?

    2500 lbs when lifted from the center hole only. Additional capacity can be attained by attaching the picker to the lifting points at each end of the spreader bar.
  • Is the INSCO System painted?

    No. Our units are rapid punched from G90 galvanized steel and do not require liquid paint or powder coat finish.